How to use the Purifier

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to use the Aarke Purifier. Steps 1-6 are only necessary the first time you use a new bag of filter granules. They need to be soaked to work properly.

A woman refills the granules for the Aarke Water Purifier Pitcher.

1. Twist off the bottom of the filter cartridge.

Someone pours Pure Filter Granules into the filter for the Aarke Purifier.

2. Pour the entire bag of filter granules into the cartridge and then twist the bottom back on.

The Aarke Purifier filter sits inside of the Carafe soaking in water.

3. Put the filter cartridge in a canister with water.

4. Let it soak for 5 minutes, then remove the cartridge and empty the canister.

Someone inserts the filter into the Aarke Purifier.

5. Assemble the steel hopper and the filter cartridge in the glass pitcher. Fill it with tap water.

Someone emptys the water from the Aarke Purifier.

6. Then pour the first batch of filtered water away.

Someone pours a glass of water from the Aarke Purifier.

7. Fill it again (and again and again) and enjoy pure, filtered water.

Change the granules

The granules can be used for 4-8 weeks or for 120 liters of filtered water. Thereafter the granules are to be replaced. The granules should be disposed in the household waste. Wash the filter cartridge before you fill it with new granules. For best quality of water, store the Purifier in the fridge.

Store the filter refill granules

The filter refill granules should always be kept in the original packing foil, until the granules are to be changed. Do not open before use.

The filter refill granules are to be stored in a cool, dry place and may not be exposed to direct sunlight.

A person displays the inside of the Aarke Water Purifier Pitcher to show the refill granule reminder.

Filter refill reminder

The granules must be replaced every 4-8 weeks. Use the filter-change indicator in the lid to keep track of when the granules were last replaced. Just set the arrow 4 weeks (one month) from that date. Optimal water is only guaranteed if the granules are changed regularly.