Aarke Glassware

Introducing Aarke Glassware. Lead-free crystal glass accessories here to enhance the experience of preparing, serving and drinking your daily refreshments. Beautiful to look at, easy to use, smarter than you think.

A man holds a stack of Aarke Nesting Glasses.

For nesting - not stacking

- High-quality, lead-free crystal glass, with the side walls as thin as 1 mm.
- The playful design allows the glasses to be nested rather than stacked, to minimize storage space.
- Each glass has a different diameter and height while they all share the same 9.8 oz volume.

Nesting Glasses - Set of 4
A person pours water from the Aarke Nesting Carafe into a glass.

For everyday use

The perfect pair with your nesting glass set. Serve sparkling water, cocktails, and sodas in our new 1L Nesting Carafe complete with a Mixing Spoon.

Nesting Carafe and Mixing Spoon