Aarke Carbonator 3 vs Carbonator Pro

There’s more than one way to upgrade a kitchen countertop and make sparkling water more enjoyable. Here’s a short summary of the differences (and similarities) between our Carbonator 3 and Carbonator Pro.


The Carbonator 3 comes with a high-quality food grade PET bottle, while the Carbonator Pro’s bottle is made of glass and 100% dishwasher safe. Both bottles have a sleek, Aarke-typical design to match the Carbonators’ individual characteristics.


With the Carbonator 3, you attach the PET bottle to the machine, pull the handle, and see the carbonation happen in front of you in a satisfying way.

The Carbonator Pro, on the other hand, features a smooth and simple one-handed operation. Just place the bottle in the base, push down the cover, press the carbonation button, release, and enjoy.

Compare Carbonators

Carbonator Comparison
Carbonator 3 Carbonator Pro
Function Sparkling Water Maker Sparkling Water Maker
Bottle Type PET Plastic w/ Steel Base Glass
Bottle Capacity 800ml (to fill line) 800ml (to fill line)
Bottle Washing Hand Wash Dishwasher Safe
Custom Carbonation Yes - Choose from 3 levels of carbonation Yes - Choose from 3 levels of carbonation
Requires Power No No
CO2 Cylinder Type Standard 60L Screw-in Cylinders Standard 60L Screw-in Cylinders
Bottle Placement Screw In Place In
Dimensions 5.9" Width x 16.1" Height 6.7" Width x 20" Height
Included Bottles 1 1

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