Engineering at its finest

Elevate your everyday routines

Someone pours a glass of sparkling water from the Glass Bottle sitting beside the Aarke Carbonator Pro in Matte Black.
A one-handed operation

The carbonation process is a smooth, one-handed operation with the unique Push-to-Lock™ feature. Just place the bottle in the base, push down the cover, carbonate, release, enjoy. What you do with your other hand is up to you…

First-class glass

Our dishwasher safe Glass Bottle Pro is made of high-quality glass and designed to be worthy of any dinner table. It’s made exclusively for the Carbonator Pro and comes with a sleek metal cap.

The perfect match

Your Aarke Carbonator deserves Aarke Gas. Our premium cylinders contain 100% renewable CO2, a byproduct from agricultural production in Europe.

Join our convenient on-demand cylinder exchange service for a complete Aarke experience.

The pros of the Pro

Compatible with standard CO2 cylinders from most major brands.

The cylinder carbonates up to 60 liters.

Cordless, no electricity needed.

Energy efficient, powered by the CO2 cylinder.  

Compare to Carbonator 3 model

Carbonator Pro