How to Clean the Aarke Water Bottle

The Aarke Water Bottle is an integral part of the carbonation experience, and sure to become one of your favourite sparkling accessories. Here’s how to keep it in the best shape possible.

To begin with, it’s key to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures to protect and prolong your bottle’s lifespan. Please don’t place Aarke PET Water Bottle on or in the dishwasher, a cooking surface, direct sunlight, or the freezer.

Rinse Daily

When you’re craving bubbles, simply rinse your bottle with lukewarm water before use. Post-carbonation, when the bottle is empty again, we recommend rinsing it and letting the bottle dry naturally by placing it upside down (with the cap off) on a drying rack. Once dry, store with the cap off to avoid trapping moisture inside.

Tip: To keep your bottle clean, avoid drinking directly out of the bottle and use a glass or a carafe instead. This will keep the bottle hygienic and allow you to spread out time between deep cleanings.

Deep Clean

Give your bottle a thorough wash once every several days to keep it nice and clean.

1. Fill it up

Add water and mild detergent (like the regular dishwashing liquid) to the bottle.

2. Shake

While holding the bottle from the bottom, cover the bottle opening firmly with your other hand and shake until bubbles form.

3. Brush

With a sponge or soft cloth, wipe the edges off the bottle opening in a circular motion. If you feel like using a brush inside the bottle - make sure it is soft and intended for use with PET water bottles. Avoid brushes with sharp or harsh bristles as they can scratch or damage the bottle’s interior.

4. Rinse

Pour out the soapy liquid and rinse the bottle several times until the water runs clear.

Tip: During the first rinse, pour the clean water directly into the bottle, allowing it to overflow for several seconds. This will push the soapy liquid out, making next rinses much easier.

5. Dry

Let the bottle dry upside down on a drying rack and store with the cap off.

6. Polish

To keep the base shiny, wipe the exterior of the bottle with a towel first and polish the base with the Aarke microfiber cleaning cloth (included with your Carbonator).

7. Enjoy!

One last thing—please take note of your bottle’s expiry date and be sure to replace it when the time comes. Expired bottles can be recycled by unscrewing the metal base from the plastic body. In the meantime, we recommend continuously inspecting your Aarke Bottle to ensure it’s in perfect shape for carbonation.