Beyond the Surface: Hammertone

Carbonator 3 Hammertone is the latest addition to our long line of premium sparkling water makers. This special release has an industrial finish, paying tribute to the makers and engineers of the functional and the beautiful.

In the early days of Aarke, one of the first prototypes of our sparkling water maker was actually made in the same industrial Hammertone finish. The reason was simple: we wanted, and still want, our Carbonators to be tools that are used every day – for years.

This special finish symbolizes our belief in high quality materials, refined engineering and long-lasting products.

A closer look at the look

The stainless-steel body of the Carbonator 3 is powder-coated for durability and color, creating a unique grey finish. It is then heated for texture, giving Hammertone its characteristic, rugged surface with an industrial look.

Take a closer look

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