Carbonator II vs Carbonator 3

Since you’re here, you probably have a few questions about the Aarke Carbonator 3—most likely being “what’s the difference between the Carbonator 3 and Carbonator II?” 

We’re so glad you asked. Ever since the release of the Carbonator II, we’ve been working non-stop to take the design of our cult-favorite machine to the next level. Here the biggest differences and new features you can expect with the Carbonator 3: 

Less Plastic, More Steel.

You’ll likely notice a few seemingly cosmetic upgrades to the Carbonator 3 vs Carbonator 2, in the form of a new stainless steel nozzle and end cap on the lever. While nice to look at, the nozzle in particular is a level up in both form and function. A more precise, controlled spray beam takes carbonation to the next level. 

Refined PET Bottle Design.

While the sleeker shape only adds to the Bottle’s countertop appeal, its primary design overhaul is extremely durable and sustainably-focused. The new design allows for the metal base and plastic bottle to be tightly screwed together without the use of glue. The result is an elegant Bottle with increased durability and easy recycling of all components at the end of its lifetime. Of course, the new BPA-free Bottle is compatible with Carbonator 2 and Carbonator 3.

All-New Lever Damper.

While it might not sound like the most glamorous updated feature, additional damper control on the lever allows for a more controlled release of pressure from the bottle after carbonation is complete, as well as a higher filling line on the bottle for even more sparkling water with every use.

Over the Top Safety.

While we worked hard on upgrading the performance of Carbonator 3, our commitment to top of the line product safety has not changed. An internal overhaul of our award-winning safety system featuring three independent valves ensures a lifetime of perfectly delicious, safely carbonated water. 

Updated packaging.

Now, every Carbonator 3 comes with a particular cleaning cloth to ensure peak sparkle that goes beyond the contents of your bottle. With more stainless steel and less plastic, you should never have to worry about maintaining sparkle and shine.

We couldn’t be more proud to introduce the Carbonator 3 to the world, and can’t wait to see it on countertops around the world. Order yours today and join the carbonation revolution. 

Looking for more? Head over to the Carbonator 3 product page to learn all there is to know and shop our latest, greatest release. 

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